Vector Atomic is commercializing quantum technology for applications including GPS-free navigation, telecommunications, and computing. We are focused on delivering near-term products that take advantage of the exquisite properties of quantum systems. These devices are designed with the cost, form, fit, and function for the real world. Our consulting and engineering services help customers understand and employ tools from the physical sciences and the emerging quantum landscape.

PNT Solutions

Quantum hardware for positioning, navigation & timing (PNT)

Technical Services

Hit the ground running in your R&D pursuits

Atomic Clocks

GPS is enabled by atomic clocks and underpins our modern infrastructure. Transportation, telecommunications, and financial sectors require GPS to provide accurate location services and synchronization of distributed communication networks. Vector Atomic is developing next-generation atomic clocks to reduce reliance on GPS and to enable new capabilities in positioning, communications, and coherent radar/lidar.

Inertial sensORS

Inertial sensors provide positioning when GPS is unavailable – the more accurate sensors, the more reliable position fix. Atomic inertial sensors can provide GPS-level positioning for hours compared to tens of minutes for conventional technologies. Vector Atomic is developing highly integrated, compact atomic devices for navigation and geophysical exploration.

Technical services

Our staff has broad experience transforming abstract research into practical devices and products. We are experts in lasers and optics, electronics, vacuum systems, mechanical design, and systems engineering. Vector Atomic Scientific & Technical (VAST) services support the full technology lifecycle. Consulting services include technology assessment, feasibility studies, market analysis, and proposal development. Engineering services include rapid prototyping, sensor design, and independent test and evaluation.

Meet the Team

The Vector Atomic team has broad expertise in quantum technology development. Our staff combines experience from leading research institutes, industry, and the government sector. The team is comprised of recognized leaders in inertial sensing, atomic clocks, lidar, lasers and optics, and integrated control electronics. Our staff has an established record of fielding and commercializing quantum technology and components. These tools and techniques are applicable to diverse markets such as quantum computing, autonomous vehicle navigation, and oil and mineral exploration.

Jamil Abo-Shaeer

CEO, Co-Founder

Matthew Cashen

Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

Martin Boyd

Chief Engineer, Co-Founder

Arman Cingoz

Principal Scientist

Work With Us

If you thrive in a dynamic, team-oriented environment and have a passion for quantum technology, Vector Atomic is the perfect fit. Our work requires creative, multi-disciplinary, technical teams working together from the system-level down to the core components. We value teamwork, open and honest discourse, and work-life balance. We are an employee-owned company with competitive compensation and benefits including medical, dental, 401k, and ownership opportunities.  If this all sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you.

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